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Standalone Teleprinter

Standalone Teleprinter
Standalone Teleprinter
Product Code : 10
Product Description
Standalone Teleprinter:
Databyte’s TLX-10B is a rugged, versatile & user friendly Stand Alone Teleprinter, its comes with its own ROM based operating system It is 100% immune to viruses. It comes with all facilities, which allows you to create/edit, transmit/receive store & print messages.


  • 4 simultaneously working full duplex Channels.
  • Simultaneous display of traffic on all four channels.
  • Full size keyboard for message preparation.
  • Auto and manual printing of messages.
  • 512KB battery backed memory
  • Supports all baud rates from 50 to 1200 baud.
  • Supports all forms of codes that is 5-bit BAUDOT (Murry, CCITT), 7-bit ASCII,8-bit ASCII or 8-bit ISCII (Bilingual).
  • 1.44 MB floppy drive interface, for taking backups.
  • Front panel LED indicators to monitor line condition.
  • Built-in diagnostic mode to test all four ports, monitor, printer, keyboard and memory.
  • Compatible with AMSS, AREN, BEST, SMART, PRIME, ECL/ BEACON, P TO P TELEPRINTER, RTT for HF/ VHF radio links & many others.

Advance Features:

  • Auto Routing of message: Allows to re-route messages to indirectly connected terminals through other TLX-10..
  • Encryption: All the important messages can be easily sent in encrypted form.
  • Mail-Box: With the help of mail-box a caller can pick up the messages even in the absence of local operator from any connected TLX-10.
  • Bilingual Encryption through ECL/beacon: This facility allows the client to send bilingual messages in Encoded English.
  • Morse-Terminal: Can be configured to work as a Morse - Terminal.
  • Facilities to connect PC: Being user friendly, Dblink software and TLX-10 connected to PC makes it multi-channel PC based Message terminal.