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MTU V.35 TPRS Router

MTU V.35 TPRS Router
MTU V.35 TPRS Router
Product Code : 11
Brand Name : Databyte Equipment
Product Description
MTU V.35 TPRS Router
Databyte's MTU. TCP/IP-TPRS Router allows transsion of Telephrinter and RS232 data over 64 Kpbs MLDN line.

  • Compatible with ECL/Beacon/AMSS/DMSS/Prime/Best/ETP/.IMT/PCTB-10/MMU
  • Trnasmission: Synchronous
  • Optically isolated and current limited TP circuits
  • TP/RS232 signal Data rate 50 to 9600 Baud Supports different data formats and protocols
  • LED's to monitor RS232 and TP signals
  • Supports both full andhalf duplex operation
  • 128 KB buffer memory
  • All required power supplies... (5V, +12v, -12v, +60V & -60v) are built in.
  • Designed for 24/7 operatiosn.
Technical Specifications
Telerpinter Signal Characteristics
Signaling Code
In accordance with CCITT< Alphabet No. 2 with 1 Unit start, 1 or 1.5 unit stop.
Positive mark element polarity, Support Bauddot 7 and 8 bit ASCIL.
Signaling Speed
50, 100, 200, 300 bauds selectable through DIP
Loop Resistance
Operates with external loop resistance of up to 3K ohms.
Optical Isolation
The teleprinter signals are otpically isolated from the rest of the equipment
and allow HOT PLUG-IN
Cuttent Regulation
The telephrinter outputs are current limited. The current limit is setable
to 20mA or 40 mA.
Signal Distortion
Tansmit distortion less than +- 1% in all conditions. Receive margin better than +- 40%

Modes of Operations
  • Supports both Half duplex and Full duplex
  • Supports Baudot, ASCII 7 bit and ISCII 8 bit communication
  • Flexibility to set any two different speeds between two communicating terminals.
Dynamic Memory Management
  • 128 K buffering to handle different data speeds and different data formats.
Line & Status Monitoring Panel
  • The front panel of MTU router provides LEDs to indicate to know the status fo transmit and receive lines of teleprinter and RS 232 lines.
Power Supply
  • The equipment operates on 230VAC +- 10% Hz +- 10%
  • All required power supplies +- 60V fo rTP interface +- 12V and +- 5V or Phone interface are built in.
Environmental and Climatic Conditions
  • Non-operate temperature: 0 to 70oC
  • Operator temperature: 0 to 45oC
  • Humidity: 80% RH at 40oC
Physical Specifications
  • Size 247 x 235 x 60mm
  • Weight: 4kg.