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Indoor Display

Indoor Display
Indoor Display
Product Code : 06
Brand Name : Databyte Equipment
Product Description
Features of Indoor Displays
Display Messages can be easily changed by the user himself through.
  • local keyboard
  • PC
  • LAN (Ethernet)
  • Your mobile phone by sending SMS.
  • Supports English and all Indian Regional Language. (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Arabic & Urdu)
Memory for User Messages
  • Allows you to program up to 120 Messages of your choice.
Facility to change display messages by sending a SMS from your mobile.
  • Provides remote access to change your display message, from any part of the world just by sending a SMS. The message can be multilingual: English, Devnagari, Kannada, Malyalam, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi and Oriya. The multilingual messages on mobile are prepared in English script. The received SMS is converted and displayed  into specified scripts by the receiving BIZBOOSTER.
Phonetic Keyboard layout
  • Special Phonetic layout makes it easy to enter text in regional languages.
Eye Catching Visual effects
  • Half Scroll
  • Merge-Demerge
  • Up-Down
  • Reverse Scroll
  • Flash
  • Forward Scroll
  • 2 Line Scroll
  • Pause
Programmable Message Scheduler
  • Advance Message scheduler setup allows the user to selectively display messages of this choice.
1000 Pre-Loaded Inspiring Thoughts
  • Displays a new inspiring thought every hour along with other messages.
 Memory for Message of the day
  • Automatic Display of Birthday Greetings and Festival greetings for all 365 days of a year.
 Pre Loaded 125 Digital Music tunes
  • Can be programmed to play music as required
    • Play tunes along with messages
    • Play tune during selected time slot like lunch breaks, tea breaks etc..
    • Play a tune at the stroke on every hour.
Token Indicator
  • Displays token numbers with audible beep. (only for indoor display)
Attendance Recorder
Password based built in Attendance recorder for 120 Employees. Greets and wishes each employee during Time-In and Time-Out, stores data   for whole one year, facility to print data. (only for indoor display)

 Real Time Clock with Battery
Displays date and time. (only for indoor display)

Biz-Booster comes in the following standard sizes

Model Display Matrix Total -Size
Biz-Booster 192 x 4 16 x 192 7.2" x 9.6" 6.4" x 6.4"
Biz-Booster 128 x 4 16 x 128 5" x 9.6"
4.3" x 6.4"
Biz-Booster 96 x 4 16 x 96 3.4" x 9.6
3.2" x 6.4"

Available: Red, Green, Amber.